About Us

Hunter Hollis —Our People Make the Difference

Hunter Hollis specializes in placing top people in Accounting, Finance and Operations positions. From temporaries and contractors to direct hire, no one matches opportunity with need like Hunter Hollis.

What Sets Hunter Hollis Apart

Many companies in the placement industry say that it's their people that make a difference. But how many of those companies really have a personal relationship with their people? And how many of their account managers really understand their clients' specific needs?

Hunter Hollis thrives because we know that our success derives from our unique understanding of both the people we represent and our clients.

As a result, when a client calls on Hunter Hollis to fill a need, chances are we'll get it right the first time. If, for some reason, we make a mistake, we'll stand behind our work and fix the problem. We are dedicated to earning the trust of our clients and our people.

Our Approach Attracts the Industry's Best People

Because of our commitment to both the client and the individual, top people know that Hunter Hollis will match them with the best opportunities. As a result, we offer our clients the most talented people in their fields.

From financial executives to administrative positions, from temporaries contractors to direct hire, no company is better at bringing people and clients together than Hunter Hollis.

Personal Service

In search and staffing, if you don't fully understand your clients, you cannot satisfy their needs. And understanding the client means more than simply knowing their position on the Fortune 500; it takes an understanding of their hiring process, their style, and the environment in which they do business.

What's more, you cannot attract and inspire talented people without fully understanding their skills and career goals.

Our placement specialists dedicate themselves to building personal relationships with both the clients we serve and the people we represent. Our experience tells us that this hands-on approach is the most effective way to match the right person with the right position.